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Wine Diary

Precious Heart of Heiligenstein

October 13, 2022

This perfect harvest week had everything: It proved extremely productive and, in the end, offered us an absolute highlight! Yesterday, under a mild afternoon sun we managed to finish harvest in the heart of the Zöbinger Heiligenstein, picking the finest Riesling from the oldest vines. The taste of the grapes has benefited from the latest cool autumn nights and from warm and, thankfully, dry days. Thus, we are confident that the resulting “Heiligenstein” will stand on level ground with its great predecessor of the 2021 vintage. The aforesaid is still maturing in our historic loess cellar in big neutral barrels for several more months before its premiere in Spring 2023. Already today we may state that it embodies the full potential of a truly “Große Lage” (“grand cru”)!

Yesterday in the afternoon, our last Zweigelt grapes went on the selection belt to the destemming machine and finally into the fermentation vats. So, we will soon focus on our top Grüner sites. However, before that, we may take another break over the weekend.