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Wine Diary

Welcome Veltliner!

October 20, 2022

Lamm – Berg Vogelsang – Loiserberg!

We are heading towards the end of Oktober and Kamptal is showing its best side to wine enthusiasts!

This past warm and sunny week with mainly very cool nights has been a real treat for all growers who have been waiting patiently for more character in their best Grüners. The foliage is glowing in soft yellow and green tones, most of the leaves are still on the vines, however, colouring shows that the plants are already preparing for hibernation and have more or less completed their supply for leaves and fruit. Also for us it is finally time to pick even the later vineyards and ripest grapes.

We brought in the warmer and very well aired top-site Ried Lamm, situated in the eastern foothill of Zöbinger Heiligenstein on Tuesday. The following morning, we headed for Berg-Vogelsang, close to Kamptals coolest 'Erste Lage'-vineyard Langenloiser Loiserberg. Actually it is its south-western slope, and thus a bit more exposed to north-westerly winds. There, close to the woods,  n a meager mica-schist soil, grapes stay healthy for a long time and do not get lots of alcohol but freshness and finesse.

Ried Loiserberg will follow today. Its direction towards south-east provides a bit more protection for soils and plants: Loiserberg-wines tend to show a bit more vigour while keeping the same finesse and tension in their 'bones'!