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Wine Diary

In the cool cellars

July 10, 2020

Summer has established itself well now around Langenlois! Our workers in the vineyards are heavily occupied with containing and guiding the almost untamable vegetation. We also have to focus on our cellars, where currently precision work is being accomplished:

Filling Steinmassl & Heiligenstein 2019  

Traditionally our Erste Lagen Rieslings from Steinmassl and Heiligenstein are bottled a bit earlier than the Grüner Veltliner Reserves, as soon as fruit and structure come together via maturation on the yeast. The freshly corked wine jewels will be stored vertically for a few days in order to give the natural cork time to recover from the pressure and adapt perfectly to potential uneven places along the bottle neck. Only then will the bottles be laid into grid boxes. Flat storage prevents the cork from drying out. We are aware of how important a perfect cork is for the future of our young wines.

The way to “Tour de Vin 2020”

Steinmassl and Heiligenstein 2019, showing their juvenile, irresistible, however slightly premature charms in a way that almost covers their profoundness, shall rest in our 12-14°C cool storage cellar. Thus, we keep them from being drunk too early and maybe misjudged as “shallow aesthetes”. They are very well on track to becoming “Grand Crus”. A first occasion for all visiting wine friends to have a closer look at our ‘Erste Lagen’ of vintage 2019 will be the Tour de Vin 2020 on 5th and 6th of September!