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Wine Diary

Lots of Greenwork

July 24, 2020

The weather conditions of 2020 so far seem to show more evidence of climate change: Only occasionally do we observe long dry periods in spring followed by equally long phases of humid and warm weather continuing all through the early summer season. In the vineyards we have to react adequately.

For instance, spring green cover this year had already grown nicely when drought started to stress the vines. We had to decide whether to open the soil and free the plants from the concurring grass between the lines or not. We decided to keep the green cover. Today we are happy about the decision, as in the weeks since we find ourselves in a “sub-tropic” period. While in many other vineyards one can observe remaining water puddles, our green cover is absorbing most of the rainfalls.

Now it is important to keep the space around the rootstocks free and remove all eventually sprouting shoots along the stems, which would help Peronospora (downy mildew) to bridge the way from the ground into the grape zone.

Before taking a short break/vacation, we managed to do all “knitting in” and “winding” of the vine-tips. Even more importantly, we are finished with grape dividing. All seems to go well. Let's hope that everyone stays healthy while we are confidently looking forward to harvest 2020 starting in early September!