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Wine Diary

Late Budding

May 7, 2021

Spring has been really changeable, cool and rather dry, which delayed the sprouting in Kamptal by about two weeks. More sun-spoiled vineyards such as the exposed higher parts of Loiserberg have shown the first shoots a bit earlier, whereas less was going on in the lower, more shady sites along the Kamp or close to the “Loisbach.” However, today most of the shoots have left their protective ‘wool’ and can be seen even at a distance as a refreshing green shimmer on the vines.

A lot of work is waiting for us: double shoots will have to be thinned out. We aim at around 10 new shoots per meter of future canopy. Then the remaining shoots will be able to grow without obstructing each other. Whenever the canopy is too dense, not all leaves will get enough sun and air, and the additional moisture will favour diseases.

It may well stay cool for a while, preferably with soft rainfall on some days. Clouds and rain will be welcome as long as hail and frost stay away! The danger of early frost has not been averted yet, as we still have to wait for the “Eisheiligen” (literally translated as Frost Saints)”: This short period in the middle of May is known to bring late frosts and has for centuries endangered viticulture in Europe. But before that, with the “Föhn” soon to blow, it should get really warm and nice around Mother’s Day. We recommend excursions into the wine-country over the coming weekend!