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Wine Diary

Time for this and that

April 16, 2021

More cold days have slowed down vegetation significantly. From today’s view, we do not expect sprouting in most of our sites before the end of the month. On a long-term average, this would be about two weeks late. However, for us, it currently proves to be more of an advantage.

The buds remain protected by their ‘wool’. No frost damage is visible so far. Moreover, some precipitation came along with the cold. It was not abundant, but truly helpful. We have also been given a bit more time for diverse tasks, which would have to be postponed if the vegetation period had started earlier. Maintaining old dry-stone walls is such a task needing time as well as strong and skilled hands. We also managed to bring out more organic farm manure to animate the soil horizons around the roots. Spring is rather late this year; and this is a good thing!

You may have a look at the daily updated climate data in Kamptal here!