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Wine Diary

Young vines, new seeds!

April 30, 2021

April weather was as changeable as one may expect in our latitude. We got an extremely cool average temperature, though some almost hot days in between and rain now and then, not much, but it is sufficient (climate data). No frost damage done in the vineyards so far.

We are particularly proud of our new little Grüner Veltliner vineyard on Käferberg! There, on 4 terraces, grow young vines, grafted with scions from our best old Grüner Veltliner vineyards. It will take several years before we may expect the first fruit from this new venture, but we are dwelling in joyful anticipation. We also used some of the young plants to “close gaps” in the rows on Loiserberg.

Moreover we finished our new spring/summer seed blend. We aimed at a balanced mix of phacelia and clover (nice bee pasture) with deep rooters like summer vetch and fodder radish, together with some more Leguminosae: all contribute to sustainable nutrient regulation in the top soil.