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Wine Diary

Play it Cool

October 15, 2021

In spite of, or maybe even because of the cool weather we are slowly yet steadily working our way through the various vineyards. Occasional little overnight rain showers do no harm. The winds will dry up the vines in only a few hours, and, whereas the grapes do not take in any more water, the cold prevents them from undesired botrytis. We may well use short rain breaks for more cellar work and for cleaning the press house.

Thus, until today, we have managed to harvest more than half of our vineyards. All fruity, fresh and densely structured Zweigelt from Ried Hasel is already in a wooden fermentation vat. Our Chardonnay grapes, including those from Ried Steinberg have made it into the cellar and show great ripeness! Now we are focussing more and more on lighter Rieslings and midweight Grüner Veltliners. The interim results so far make us confident: The foundation for a truly gratifying vintage has been made. Over the weekend the weather will change again. We expect warm and often sunny days. Things might get a little “hot” when ripeness will accelerate, but our team as we know it will play it cool!