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Wine Diary

Fine Pinot Gris from Spiegel Vineyard

September 23, 2020

The first thing we accomplished today was to secure our thin-skinned ‘Grauburgunders’ in perfect ripeness from the ‘Erste Lage Spiegel’ just in case, if later it should wish to start raining!

Ripe Pinot Gris grapes are easily recognizable in the vineyard by their grey-violet colour. Their softly pressed, clear juice is white and the resulting wine might only show a light bronze, as the colour pigments are mainly concentrated in the skins. In 2019, for the only second time since 2016, we fermented a small quantity of the Spiegel BIO grapes in 300 l casks and on the skins (as is standard procedure with red wines). The resulting “Rawländer 2019” has now been released.

Unfortunately, 2020 will be no “Rawländer” year, though grapes would be perfect, as healthy and ripe as they are, but the yield is too small. So, we need all of it for the “Bründlmayer Grau-Weißburgunder Ried Spiegel” which is very popular with our fine Horeca customers. Currently we are serving the 2017 vintage which is giving real drinking pleasure!