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Wine Diary

Confusion in the Vineyards

April 2, 2021

The last few days have been almost summerly warm. We hurried to bring out the felt strips with pheromones to disorientate the grape berry moths “on approach”! This inconspicuous little butterfly is locally called “Sauer- or Süßwurm (“sour or sweet worm”) because in its caterpillar state it feeds on the wine flowers, while the 2nd generation damages the berries. It has already taught a lesson of fear to many growers!

The so-called “confusion method” will minimize the moth’s procreation in an environmentally friendly way by preventing the males from finding their mates. Here, a well concerted cooperation of as many growers as possible is requested to protect vast coherent vineyard blocks effectively. Another way to tell how good neighborship literally is bearing fruit!

Our young buds are still well in their wool stage. When they will sprout depends very much on the upcoming weather. The forecast is for cooler days with even some rain, which would be only good for later sprouting.

More and more often the green cover sown in the fall is showing beautifully between the rows of vines. Our involuntary “Osterruhe” (Easter lockdown) does not prevent us from enjoying long walks through the vineyard coming into bloom.