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Wine Diary

Moody Weather and Tears of Joy

April 7, 2021

So far, April in Kamptal offered a bit of everything: Sunshine, clouds, wind, rain, and recently frequent showers of soft hail!  After days with highs over 20°C, the most recent nights reached sub-zero temperatures. People are already fearing damage in the orchards. As for our vines, we still may give the “all clear.”

Once again, we are deeply moved by the awakening of the vines: the fluid have risen from the roots into the veins of the plant, bringing along all necessary nutrients to let the buds swell and finally burst. For a short time, this watery solution also emerges at the tips of the freshly pruned thrives and form big drops eventually falling to the ground. The vines are “bleeding” or “weeping” as some say. It could be tears of joy too – welcoming the return of spring!