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Wine Diary

And off we go!

September 14, 2020

We start harvest 2020 with grapes for juice and sparkling base wines

This Indian summer weather will keep for a few more days, and so we started picking today! After three very early harvests, a “normal” start by mid September is a good feeling! From Rosenhügel we have already brought in our first Grüner Veltliner grapes. Properly selected they will give a fruity and spicy grape juice already reflecting the character of Veltliner. Simultaneously, presses are being filled with light and fresh grapes for our Bründlmayer Brut sparkling base wines.

The mood within our young cellar team harmonizes with the sunny and mild weather! And hereby we officially welcome our 2020 trainees, Christopher, David, Dominik, Johannes and Simon, who have joined us for the time of harvest and certainly will be of great help!  For now, stress levels are still within limits. However, the next few weeks will demand full concentration and lots of stamina from all of us!

In the course of the year 2020, climatic conditions in the classic European wine regions have proven to differ extremely. In many areas of Europe harvest is already over. Thus, Burgundy started in the middle of August, the earliest ever! Vast parts of Germany are still fighting with persistent drought, while here in Austria, we could not complain about a lack of rain during summer.