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Wine Diary

May the juice be with us!

August 25, 2022

Tensions and vibes are rising here at Langenlois. Following a varied and exciting vegetative season, we are close to yielding the fruit of our efforts. It appears that harvest 2022 is about to start next week; to begin we will only take in grapes for our ‘verjus’ (literally means “green juice,” as it will be pressed from the not yet fully ripe, green berries).

Since the old days, Verjus has been used in many wine regions to season salads and marinades as a replacement for vinegar (same as one might do with lemon juice). At Bründlmayer we aim at a slightly higher ripeness. We would like to get a palatable, fine verjus that can be easily turned into a mouthwatering drink by adding some soda, elder flowers, lemon, etc. Moreover, our Verjus and our riper grape juice give the basis for our new refreshing non-alcoholic beverage Grapester GreenFizz.