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Wine Diary

Grapes for Brut Rosé

September 12, 2022

After having brought in a small lot of grapes for a fresh and juicy Verjus and recently for grape juice, harvest ’22 is now really taking off! Our people in the vineyards and in the cellar are currently occupied with picking and processing red grapes for our Brut Rosé base wines.

Conditions at the start seem relatively favourable for the Kamptal vintners: With the exception of a dry first quarter, our region has been spoiled with well-distributed rainfalls as well as many sunny hours up until now. Our vineyards seem healthy and still full of vitality.

There has hardly been any frost and (fingers crossed) we only suffered minor hail damage on Käferberg and Lamm, which happened early in summer and thus reduced the quantity but not the quality of the grapes. From today’s perspective, we are about a week ahead of 2021, but did start still a good deal later than in warm years such as 2017, ´18 and ´19, and this is fine with us! The weather too has been playing along so far, despite some minor turbulence.