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Wine Diary

Green grapes for Verjus!

August 27, 2020

Yesterday, on the Neuberg site, we tested the sharpness of our shears, getting grapes for our annual requirement of “Verjus”. This fresh juice (alcohol-free) made from slightly unripe grapes is a true specialty with a long tradition. It was known in ancient times as a seasoning, and apparently also for its health effects. Today, we love it from a bit more mature and therefore fruitier grapes than usual, and mainly use it as a basis for diverse drinks: an easy version would be a non-alcoholic “Spritzer” with soda, mint and lime. The Grapes on “Neuberg“ are indeed already juicy, although tasting them still challenges the palate.

First 100 berry tests showed that ripeness is slower than the years before. Grapes will profit from cool early Autumn nights and warm (hopefully) sunny days to develop a profound aroma profile. (100 berry test means that you randomly take some 100 berries from various vines of one vineyard, press and analyze them in order to get a good picture of the overall ripeness in a certain parcel.)

If you compare harvest with a multi course dinner, we now would have just inhaled our first little appetizer! We are looking forward to the real harvest to begin. This should happen in a few days’ time with the first grapes for our Bründlmayer Brut.