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Wine Diary

Final Count Down for Harvest 2020!

September 11, 2020

Feed-back on 2019 incites collecting instinct!

When will we finally start harvesting? Figuratively speaking: our harvest team is waiting for the go signal like sprinters in the starting blocks: we are ready----steady …but the moment separating us from the tension-relieving starting gun shot feels like an eternity. Visiting the cellar today one can hardly suppress a smile: all systems are on: presses, cases, tanks and barrels and all facilities squeaky clean, three times checked & serviced and a very special tension is to be seen on the faces of the people scurrying around. A field of tension, you may say, but no current flow yet!

It has been years since we last experienced a “normal” beginning of harvest, let us say by the middle of September. This puts the patience of our mostly younger team to the test. Therefore, we are especially happy that, after last week's heavy rains, Indian summer finally has made its come back and is pushing ripeness to the requested levels. The further forecast is also positive, and so it is agreed: Harvest will start after the weekend with the first grapes for sparkling base wines.

Our “collection instinct” is also incited by great feedback on the recent releases of our 2019 classics and reserves. It is a wonderful motivation to know that the consequences of hard work and happy enthusiasm will be reflected in focused, outstanding and truly enjoyable wines and thus will reach the souls of our customers! Whatever we might think of quotes and points (as a kind of snapshot of a certain status quo), our classic Riesling Kamptal DAC Terrassen 2019 getting 95 points from James Suckling (same as Opus One 17!) might say it all: don’t miss the 2019s! However, a new game, a new chance: the bar is set high and, as always, we would like to surpass expectations!