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Wine Diary

Lots of Sun and a little Rain

October 18, 2016

This wonderful sunny and warm September was followed by a cool first week of October. With mostly dry yet occasionally humid days, harvest temporarily became a stop & go operation. Last Wednesday we did not get in grapes at all. However, the cooler weather also helped, preventing a faster spread of botrytis.
Then suddenly blue skies were back again, and last weekend turned out to be just gorgeous: Sun and strong winds during this warm period let the grapes dry off quickly from the morning dew, and ripeness went up once again. Meanwhile, we have brought in all Zweigelt grapes. On Spiegel vineyard, Pinot Gris was already partly overripe and had to be selected meticulously. Together with the astonishingly fresh and clean Pinot Blanc in the same area, it might give once again a perfect Burgundian style “Cuvee Spiegel.”
Our cellar team are all in good spirits, some are busily punching down and pumping over the mash cakes on the Zweigelt and Pinot Noir vats. 
Chardonnay started spontaneous fermentation in some Burgundian barrels much to our delight! And the first earlier Grüners and Riesling from warmer, younger vineyards, destined for the lighter qualities are completing their fermentation in steel tanks.
And once more, we are awaiting the vintage gaining its very own profile. We are truly excited for the first young wines, soon to be tasted!