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Wine Diary

Changeable weather requires flexibility

October 4, 2022

All Chardonnay grapes from Steinberg and the last Pinot Noirs from Käferberg (LYRA trellised) could be brought in with perfect ripeness! We are proud of the result as the changeable weather is demanding tactical reactivity.

Program changes are becoming quite common these days: impressive cloud formations which, pushed by fresh north-westerly winds, are chasing over the Kamptal and sometimes ‘leak’ - for us this means quite ‘erratic’ if only temporary rain showers. On several occasions we had to abruptly stop picking at one place and skip over to another momentarily dry vineyard. Debriefings in the early morning aim at flexibility and are taking longer as we try to keep many options open.

Sunday all pruning scissors were put to rest, we let the rain fall down, and we recharged our batteries for a harvest highlight: this Monday we started picking in the first parcels on Zöbinger Heiligenstein, beginning with the highest vineyard, close to the historic viewpoint, where already during the morning, vigorous winds have dried up leaves, grapes, and even the soil. Following the fine taste of its grapes, this exceptional site will once more live up to its reputation. And with a week of golden Autumn forecasts, we are back in the game for top quality!