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Wine Diary

Horn of Plenty – Fulfilled Days

September 23, 2022

Harvesting is an incredibly intense, but also truly rewarding time for the vintner. Nature fulfils its promise, and a whole year of hard work might finally be rewarded!

This perfect picking-Friday we set out in the morning at a temperature of 3°Celsius and bright sunshine to get wonderful Pinot Noir from Dechant and neighbouring vineyards. Now we also may dress up a first, tentative interim statement:

Harvest for Sekt base-wines has been completed and the result is highly satisfying. Recently, we also got beautiful quality of Zweigelt grapes for Rosé and our first and lightest Grüner Veltliners for the “L&T”. We were interrupted by a short, cool and rainy period, long enough for our team (at least our people in the vineyards and at the presses) to take a more than well-merited break.

As for today and tomorrow, the weather promises to be ideal, we will further focus on the earlier ripening Burgundy-varietals and on Zweigelt for classic red wine. Careful selection is key, however, for now, the cool nocturnal temperatures are keeping grapes healthy and will further contribute to the aromatic complexity.